Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting Back to Visual Thinking

It's been a long time since I've had a chance dabble with visual thinking. Work, visiting company and other projects have all kept me from spending the time on visual thinking that I'd like to.

Before getting bogged down with life there were some cool projects I was looking into. I can't even remember what some of them were, but one was this visual map sent to me by Christopher Watson of

I like how this shows the concept similar to Dan Roam's Look, See, Imagine, Show but shows detailed cognitive elements and how our past experiences and perspectives flavor how we see things. I think that in visual thinking and visual communication, like anything in life, each of us is influenced and biased by our own thinking styles, personality traits, etc. That's something that I think some of the data visualization extremists don't take into consideration enough. Anyway, cool map and I look forward to seeing future iterations of it as Chris fleshes it out more.

On to more recent things, today I just came across a post on the Visuale blog abour "Vis 2.0." I subscribe to a lot of data visualization blogs, and a lot of the far right data visualization extremists continually bemoan that visualization isn't as well known as they think it might be. I disagree. I think the proliferation of web visualizations has made visualizations very well known to the public. They may not all be good visualizations or people may not even realize that what they're looking at is a visualization, but I think that web visualizations are so much a part of the web landscape now that they just blend in and people don't often recognize them for what they are, visual explanations of information and data. Anyway, nice write-up on the Visuale blog, check it out.