Sunday, August 31, 2008

Intereactive Hurricane Tracker Visualization

Stamen Design just released their latest work, an interactive hurricane tracker for MSNBC, just in time for Gustav.

Great interactive visualization in my opinion. Hover your mouse over different parts of the track to get specific information about that part of the visualization. This visualization will no doubt go in my Visual Zen Gallery.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Visual Thinking & Ideas V3

More good feedback from people on this on the VizThink forum. Through discussion on that forum, I realized I'd blundered. The original graphic I did was just trying to show the difference between getting ideas out of people's head vs getting ideas into people's heads. In the Dan Roam lexicon, it was a "what" problem I was trying to show.

After getting feedback about the procedural nature of visual communication, the problem really became a "how" problem - best shown with a flow chart. Rather than realize that at the time, I just tried to adapt my original graphic, and to complicate it, I had mind maps, um... on my mind. So, I just provided a good example of using the wrong kind of graphic to communicate something. Doh! Oh well. Live and learn.

So, version 3 below is an attempt at more of a procedural "how" depiction. I suppose a true flow chart should conform to little boxes representing each process and arrows between the processes. But I've done so many typical flow charts in my former corporate life that I wanted to go with a more graphical depiction (plus I'm feeling lazy and want to recycle elements from the previous versions). I've also shown it as cyclical to try to show the iterative nature of it.