Saturday, November 29, 2008

Social Media & Internet Marketing Presentation

Yet another presentation about social media. There's already thousands of other presentations on social media available. Why another one? Inspired by Cliff Atkinson's book, "Beyond Bullet Points," I've taken a renewed interest in presentation development. There once was a time as a corporate drone where I developed a lot of boring bullet point presentations. I really like presentations as a medium for visual explanations (they're visual, interactive and user-paced) especially with sites like that makes it so easy to share presentations.

Social Media&Internet Marketing
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Much of the content in this presentation is HEAVILY influenced by several other presentations out there, including, Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3 and Marta Kagan's "What the F**k is Social Media?" The main difference is that I tried to develop the presentation around the structure that Cliff Atkinson outlines in "Beyond Bullet Points" - developing a story outline before even opening up PowerPoint.

As a web developer, I manage several websites for several small businesses and organizations. Over the last few years, it has become apparent that just having a website isn't enough for businesses and organizations. It's the minimum mandatory requirement. But to really join the Internet of the 21st century, businesses and organizations need to adopt a social media marketing strategy. I wanted to develop a presentation myself that I could share with my clients that explains why they should jump on the social media band wagon. Any constructive feedback appreciated.