Saturday, February 2, 2008

VizThink Summary

By the second day of VizThink, my brain was already overloaded with new information and I found myself confusing elements of different sessions. How can I remember what's happened and keep it all sorted out? What better way than with a kind of graphical summary of the sessions I attended. So, Tuesday evening I sat down to visually map that out. Here's the result:

In addition to general sessions, there were 2 break out periods each day, each with about 8 different sessions to choose from. My choices for breakout sessions were:

Monday Morning: "The Back of the Napking: Solving Business Problems with Pictures" with Dan Roam.

Monday Afternoon: "VizMaps: An Alternate Approach to Describing Where" - with Bruce Daniel

Tuesday Morning: "Solving Explanation Problems with Simple Online Videos" - with Lee and Sachi LeFever

Tuesday Afternoon: "Mapping the Possibilities" - John Grimwade

Over the next few blog posts, I'll go into more detail about each session - both general and breakout.


dave davison said...

jeff it was great meeting you and Karen at Vizthink - and i was impressed with Karen's ideamapping of Bob Horn's breakout and your "map" of the Vizthink territory - adding your value to the dynamic content that the Vizthink presenters and attendees delivered at the conference. Mahalo to both you and Karen for your contributions

Makani said...

Thanks Dave. It was good to meet you too.