Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Simple Online Video Explanation

At VizThink ‘08 I attended a session with Lee and Sachi LeFever of Common Craft, “Solving Explanation Problems with Simple Online Videos.” It was a great session and I came away from it excited about doing my own. I started a project weeks ago (ok, months ago) and have finally finished it. I’m only mildly satisfied with it. The quality of the video and audio is pretty poor in my opinion. But, it was a great learning experience and I really do think that simple online video explanations are a great idea. I’m not sure that doing it digitally vs the “paperworks” method that Lee and Sachi use saved me any time and the resolution is pretty poor. So, I may play with increasing the resolution, or I may just try a paperworks version for the next one. Regardless, thanks to Lee and Sachi for the inspiration. You can find the video here.

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