Wednesday, March 26, 2008

VizThink 08 Tag Cloud

I thought it would be interesting to get a measure of the topics at VizThink 08. First I started manually going through the program and highlighting "business" terms vs. other terms with the idea of making a tag cloud or heat map of the various terms used in the breakout session descriptions. Then it occurred to me that in the era of web 2.0 there should be some online tools for generating tag clouds.

As it turns out there are several, but the one I went with was This allowed me to copy session titles and descriptions from VizThink and paste them into their form and generate the tag cloud. The result is below:

This is just the top 100 terms, but it gives kind of a good idea of what terms were most favored in the breakout sessions - at least in their descriptions. The full set is too big to post in an image, but TagCrowd also supplies you with the html code that generates the cloud. Once I get my new visual thinking website up and running (just a couple of days...), I'll post the full set, or at least a bigger set there.

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